Garage door Spring White Plains

Garage Door Spring White Plains

Snapped garage door spring is one of the problems that can prevent garage door from opening. And during servicing garage doors in White Plains, we have been replacing garage door springs on a daily base. There are many reasons for a snapped garage door spring. Most of them are a bad, or no lubrication and maintenance at all. But if the spring in your garage door is snapped, it doesn't mean that you need to get a new garage door. All it mean is that you need to get in touch with J&C Garage Doors of Westchester County (And it probably also mean that you have been ignoring the need for maintenance).
J&C Garage Doors and Gates repair and replace torsion and extension spring in White Plains New York, and we offer same day service for all kinds of springs. The important thing when garage door spring snap is to stop using the overhead door, and call a local garage door company in White Plains to come and replace the snapped spring, or springs. Whether you need commercial garage door spring repair in White Plains, or garage door repairs in Scarsdale, J&C Garage Doors can fix it.

Broken garage spring White Plains

What to do when the spring snapped?

The best thing for you to do, is to stop using the door, and contact a garage door specialist in White Plains New York who can replace the snapped spring with a new one. There is no need to panic or to wonder if the repair is going to cost a lot of money. A spring replacement in White Plains is something which we are dealing with on a daily base, since it is one of the common garage door issues, which can completely stop a garage door from working.
Keep in mind that garage spring replacement in White Plains, especially if it is commercial overhead door spring repair can be a dangerous process, and since the weight of the door is not supported by the spring which snapped, trying to lift the door to open it up, or trying to close it is dangerous, and can result with a complete broken door, or even worst, with an injury.
The specialists of J&C Garage Doors got the knowledge, the springs and the experience to match the correct spring for your garage door, whether it is a torsion spring or extension spring. We also have the tools and the expertise to put the exact amount of tension on the spring, which will enable your door to stay balanced, and make it easy to use even if you are using it manually. To us it doesn’t matter if you need overhead door torsion spring repair in White Plains, or garage door repair in Ossining, we have the knowledge, the tools and the ability to replace any garage door spring in White Plains New York today.

Torsion Spring Repair White Plains NY

A good garage door specialist in White Plains NY should be able to fix or replace a broken torsion spring. We know that a snapped spring, which lead to a garage door that cannot be open up or close, can be the cause for a lot of frustration. That is the reason why J&C Garage Doors and Gates are available 24/7 for all your garage doors needs. We repair garage door torsion spring in White Plains, and we will do it today. We carry in our tracks many torsion spring from different size and for different garage doors in Westchester, and most likely that we carry the spring which is needed in order to repair your garage door. If the garage door springs snapped, or any other garage door issues, please get in touch with us, and one of our garage doors specialists will be happy to help.
It is important to make it clear, that a every broken garage door - whether it is a snapped spring of garage door in White Plains or broken garage door spring in Westchester, or any other problem – can be dangerous, and should not be used before it will be repaired and inspected by a garage door repairman, who will make sure that it is safe for use again. Each overhead door in White Plains need its own set of springs, and springs that may look the same, or almost the same to you, can make a difference between a garage door that will be safe for use, and one which won’t work properly, and using it will mean taking a risk that can end with an accident.

Extension Spring Repair White Plains New York

The extension springs located on top of your garage door tracks (One on each side of the door). Repairing a broken extension spring in White Plains is not a complicated project for a trained specialist, and we are dealing with repairing snapped spring on a daily base. Replacing garage door extension springs is a less complicated job, and some home owners choose to perform the replacement by do it yourself. If you think that there might be a problem with your garage door, do not wait until it will be too late and contact us to save time and money with SAME DAY GARAGE DOOR REPAIR IN WESTECHESTER COUNTY. For any questions, please get in touch with us, and one of our customer service representative will be glad to assist you. No need to worry, and no need to wonder how long you will have to wait.

Can I replace the snapped spring by myself?

When the issue is a snapped spring, and we are being asked if we recommend to replace it by doing-it-yourself, or to hire a garage door specialist in White Plains to do the replacement. We love to start with a short story that happened to someone who tried to repair garage door by do it yourself:
We once received a call from someone who asked us to come and help him replace the spring in a garage door. When we arrived, he showed us the springs that he bought, and that he tried to replace by himself with no success. The thing is that he actually was able to locate the right set of spring for the weight and size of he’s door in White Plains (Although from low quality, but this wasn’t the issue). We asked him to show us what he was doing, and when he demonstrated to us, we immediately stopped him, and told him that he is lucky that he did not get injured, and that the door did not break. The problem was that like many overhead doors, he had low headroom garage door, with torsion springs, and he was trying to put tension on the springs in the wrong direction (He should have put tension on the springs the other way around). All he needed, was to call and ask a garage door specialist to tell him what he was doing wrong. But sometime the knowledge on how to do things is more important than if you do or do not have the ability and the tools to do them. To read more about do it yourself spring repairs, you can read this article.
There are several garage door repairs that can be done in a do it yourself. And there are many that should be left for a qualified specialists. The extension spring replacement comes somewhere in the middle: There are garage doors spring replacing which can be relatively easy to perform, and can be done in a do-it-yourself repair, and some are so complicated, that even a trained and experienced repairman can find them difficult, complicated and dangerous.
When it comes to do-it-yourself spring replacement, If we were asked to give one important tip, that we recommend to use for every garage door repair in the world, it can be garage door repair in White Plains or gate repair in New York: Always make sure that you follow the safety guidelines, and never take unnecessary risks, because there is no money in the world that worth your health, and the safety of your family. Even if your car is locked inside the garage and you must take it out, and even if your door is open and it is raining outside, do not touch things that you are not sure about them. There are people that fixing garage doors in White Plains New York is what they do, and they can fix your garage door today.

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Why the garage door spring snapped?

There are many possible reasons why spring of garage doors snap:

  • Lack of maintenance: Most of the times, when we arrive to a client’s home to inspect the door, we find that it has been few years since the door was maintained. When you do not lubricate your garage door, you are speeding the process of the parts wearing, and so for the springs. It is recommended to lubricate overhead doors in White Plains once every 6 months. It is a short process, which not only improve the way the door works, but also protect the parts of the door. Maintaining your garage door in White Plains will ensure the smooth and safe operation of your overhead door.
  • Number of uses: Some garage doors in Westchester are being used once a day, some are being used 20 times a day and more. How often you are using your overhead door, affect the springs and the door. The more the door is being used, the shorter will be the life cycle of the springs.
  • Quality of the springs: If your door is made from high quality garage door materials, the parts and the door will last longer. Today there are overhead doors that can last for more than 30 years, as long as they are made from high quality materials. So when you are planning on installing a new garage door in Westchester, aim for quality.
  • Using the wrong spring size: We sometime find that the springs that were installed on overhead doors in White Plains are the wrong set of springs for the door. Like we explained earlier, every garage door in White Plains require a unique set of springs, and using the wrong spring will eventually result with a stuck garage door.

Garage door spring White Plains, New York

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