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J&C Garage Doors and Gates of Westchester County New York can repair, install, maintain and service gate or garage door in Westchester County New York. It can be a broken roll up gate in the Bronx, or a garage door repair in Eastchester, when it comes to garage doors repairs, we will be there today. But sometime the problem is not a broken spring, or a gate that went off tracks, sometime the gate is not opening since the lock is broken, or you can’t enter home since the key is damaged, for that you can contact J&C Garage Doors And Gates for same day rolling gates and garage door locksmith in New York.
We understand that you may need for a locksmith or a roll up gate technician in Westchester County ASAP. And we will always do our best to be there and fix the door or the gate ASAP. But what we can recommend to you, and that can save your life in some cases, is not to try and force the gate or the door to work. In that case the damage can be big, but in this case you will put yourself at risk. With our emergency repair service, we will be there today and solve the problem for you. No need to take risks.

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Mobile Locksmith Service Westchester County

J&C Garage Doors & Gates offer quick and efficient locksmith service in Westchester County. Whether it is a residential overhead door that got stuck, business entrance, store front gate, or a broken lock for a security door, we can help you ASAP. Our professional team of locksmith in Westchester County will come to your location at any time of the day or night, and will help you open the door or the gate, supplying you with new keys or a new lock. Because we got the tools and the knowledge to fix any broken lock. It can be a store-front gate lock that refuse to open, or you may have lost the remote control that open your garage door. Whatever it is, we will be there.
We carry the highest technologically equipment you can find in the locksmith industry today, in order to provide you with a quick and professional locksmith service in Westchester County. Whether you need to replace a door key that broke, or to install new lock, J&C Garage Doors & Gates can help. Ask each one of our customers, and they will all tell you one thing: you can count on us to perform the job on time and in the best possible way. Professionalism is something we always aim for, since we believe that when you are providing a professional service- whether it is a locksmith service of a roll up gate repair – you are adding another customer to a long list of satisfied customers who can tell you that choosing J&C Garage Doors & Gates is always the best decision.

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If your roll up door or steel rolling door got stuck, if you can’t get it to open, or if you are locked outside the store, and you are in need for a local locksmith that can repair broken or stuck gates, you just found the right company. J&C Garage Doors & Gates can repair, open, service and maintain any gate in Westchester County. If you are locked outside your store, or if you can’t get the roll up gate to open, or if your store front door is not opening or closing, we can help. With our emergency gate repairs in Westchester County, we can help you today. Our technicians specialize in all types of gates repairs such as rolling gates, roll down gates, roll up doors, overhead doors and more. We also supply and install security doors, and we install locks for different doors and gates.
What really important - when facing a broken or stuck roll up gate - is to know if your gate or your door is stuck and you need a locksmith, is that trying to use force to make the rolling gate close, trying to make the door work, trying to force the gate to open, or any kind of unprofessional method, can end with serious injuries. Usually the roll up gates in New York work fine for years, but if the gate is stuck and you need to use the services of a  roll up gate repairer, you can contact J&C Garage Doors & Gates for same day rolling gates repairs in Westchester County.

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In the event that your roll-up door is jammed, if the key-switch is not opening the gate, in the event that the electric motor can’t raise the gate, or if the door is off rails, the best thing for you to do will be to stop trying to open the roll up door or to close it, and to contact a nearby roll down gate expert in Westchester to arrive as soon as possible and repair the gate for you.
You need to understand that when a locksmith, or a roll up gate expert come and open your stuck roll up gate, it may look easy to you. And you may think that if you only knew what need to be done, you could do it yourself. But here is the catch: If you only knew what to do! We would like to share with you a story about a store owner in New York who contact us after he understood he couldn’t open the roll down gate by himself, and that he need a gate expert of a rolling gate locksmith to come and open the gate for him.

Roll-up door Locksmith Westchester County

Do-it-yourself roll down door locksmith

What the store owner was attempting to do was to force the gate to close. He together with 2 of his associates attempted to close the gate by pouncing, holding the bottom bar, and attempting to force the gate to close. At the end, not just that the roll down gate did not close, but they also broke the bottom bar until it got disconcerted from the slats. Once they figured they can’t close the gate without the help of a roll up gate specialist, they called J&C Garage Doors & Gates. When the locksmith arrived, he discovered that the only problem was a wire that got disconnected inside the key switch. However it was too late for them, they need to replace the bottom bar. So instead of a repair which could cost them 75$, they ended up paying 500$! The bottom line: Let the professionals do what they are good at, and let a locksmith open up a stuck or broken lock or door for you.
With our same day service in Westchester County, there is no gate, door or lock we won’t open, and we will do it on the spot. We carry with us all the parts that a gate repairman or a locksmith need, in order to complete the repair on the spot. For same day service, call J&C Garage Doors & Gates today.

Security Solutions Westchester County

The nature of our services, that include over-head doors, metal gates repair and installment, together with locksmith services in Westchester County, make us into experts in delivering security solutions: from CCTV video surveillance installment, Wi-Fi cameras installation, security locks, safes and bars, we are able to help you protect your business or your home, and make it safer and secure, so you know that nobody can enter. If you are not sure which one is the best way for you to secure your business, we are here to help. We provide roll up gates and store entrance gates services in Westchester County, as well as locksmith services. To us it doesn’t matter if you need garage door locksmith in Rockland County, or rolling gate specialist in Manhattan NY, with our same day service, we will fix your broken gate today.

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24-7 Emergency Locksmith Service in Westchester County

We realize that many times it seem like the lock picked the worst timing to get stuck or simply refuse to open . We at J&C Garage Doors & Gates are aware of it, and to help you get your lock or your gate opened up ASAP, we are available for you 24/7. With our emergency locksmith service in Westchester County, we are going to get your locked gate opened again today. We realize that if you can’t open your store at night, or if you can’t enter your private home since the door lock is damaged, you are going to need someone that will get to you As soon as possible. So we are here for you, any time, any day, contact us and we will be on our way to help.

Commercial Locksmith Service Westchester NY

J&C Garage Doors & Gates is not restricted to only residential locksmith solutions in Westchester New York. We also provide industrial locksmith service such as lock replacement, high-quality security locks, roll up gates repairs, security doors installations, lock replacement, commercial access control system, commercial concealed door closers and a lot more. If you need to use the services of a commercial locksmith, we can help, just get in touch with us and we will send one of our mobile locksmith techs to your area.
We are working with management companies in Westchester County for many years now, and we established important relationships with many companied who know that when they need emergency locksmith service, whether it is a jammed roll up door, an industrial overhead door, or a residential door, we will be there for them the same way we have been there many times in the past. It can be a broken commercial roll up gate in White Plains, or commercial garage door repair Greenwich CT, we can help.

Residential Locksmith Westchester NY

If you got locked outside your house? Need to replace a key? We are the answer to all your residential locksmith services: we do lock rekeys, master rekeys swap locks, high security locks, door closers, security doors for residential doors and more.  All you need to do is to contact us, and leave all you locksmith needs in the past. After years of servicing garage doors, rolling gates, store-front doors and overhead doors, we are proud to say that there was never a lock problem we couldn’t solve, and there was never a locksmith service we couldn’t complete. Fixing and store-front gates and rolling doors is what we do, and if our job require from us to provide locksmith service, we will be there to perform the job.
No need to worry that you may have to wait for long hours or for few days. With our emergency service, we will be there for you. It can be a locksmith service, or a roll up gate motor repair, helping people who need us is our mission, and we always try to do it as quick as possible, and always for competitive prices.

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What to do if the door is locked and I can’t get inside?

Facing a broken or stuck door, whether it is a roll up gate or overhead door can be a frustrating experience. There are many different steel iron gates and doors, using different locking mechanism. But we always like to say: If it a garage door, or a rolling gate problem, we can fix it! When you are a pro, and when you have repairs, installed and serviced many different types of garage doors and gates in Westchester County, there is no problem you will not be able to solve.
This is the reason why have the confident to say: We can repair any broken garage door or roll up gate in Westchester County. But not just that. You may need a broken garage door repair in Danbury, or a garage door repair in the Bronx, we will be there! Fixing broken garage doors is what we do, and since we consider each one of the technicians of J&C Garage Doors as a pro, and since each one of our technicians carry parts for most garage doors in Westchester County, we can come and fix your broken garage door today.
If your garage door is locked, broken, or off tracks. If you can’t open the door to your home, or if you can’t open your store-front roll up gate, we can help. Call us today for same day locksmith service in Westchester County New York.

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