Same Day Overhead Door Service

Garage Door Repair Bedford New York

Your garage door spring broke? The motor does not respond? You need a new garage door? You got to the right place. J&C Garage Doors offer same day garage door repair in Bedford New York. Whatever the problem is, we can fix it. But not only that we will repair your garage door, and we will make it work again, with our same day overhead garage door repair in Bedford NY, we will fix it today!

Overhead Motor Repair Bedford New York

When it comes to garage door motor repair or new garage door motor installation, we always aim for the best! We carry with garage door openers from leading garage door motors manufactures, because we want to make sure that once we left you house when we completed the repair, you are getting the best garage door motor money can buy. We offer Lift Master garage door motors, from the kind that can easily last for 15-20 years.

Opener Repair Bedford NY

If you are not sure what is best for you, if you better replace the existing opener with a new opener, or repair the existing one, we can help. But before we consider the repair or the replacement option, first we need to check what exactly the problem with your garage door is, and to that we need to understand the mechanism of the garage door and the way the Overhead door is operated. Without getting too deep into specific details, we will say that the force which make it so easy to open your garage door, and the force that balance the door and prevent it from crashing down, is not the opener but the spring system. So if one of the spring break, and now the motor need to do the lifting, it may seem that the motor is broken, when it is actually ok, but it just need to do the lifting which the broken spring supposed to do.

Chain/Belt Drive Opener

If you are looking for a new garage door opener installation in Bedford NY, and you are not sure what kind of opener is better for you, you better contact us. In general, we are working with chain drive opener, or belt drive opener. They are both strong and reliable openers, and the main difference between them is how noisy they are, and the price. The Belt drive opener is the more quite one, and cost more than the chain drive. If it is important for you that the garage door motor will be as quite as possible, you better consider purchasing a belt drive opener (For example, if your garage door located below your house).

Garage Door Spring Repair

We offer same day overhead door spring repair in Bedford New York. From torsion garage door spring repair in Huntington New York, to extension spring repair in Scarsdale, we can fix it. Please pay attention: Not every spring will feu every garage door. There are springs in different sizes and dimensions, and some of them can’t be found anywhere, and need to be custom made. If you try to repair your broken spring by yourself, you may put yourself, and other people who use the door in danger. Replacing a broken spring, especially when it comes to torsion spring system is dangerous, and should only be performed by a trained technician.

Garage Door technician Bedford

A professional garage door tech can match the right spring for your garage door, and will know exactly how much tension to add to the spring, so your overhead garage door will work in a perfect way. When we arrive to a customer’s house in Westchester, whether it is an Overhead door repair in Harrison, or a garage door in Bedford, we carry with us a huge selection of springs, so we will be able to repair the problem right there on the spot.

Overhead door repair Bedford New York

Garage Door Replacement Bedford New York

We think that a good garage door service, - Whether it is a garage door in Brooklyn NY or a garage door in Bedford New York, consist of 2 parts:

  1. Using high quality garage door parts, designed for the American standard, from the kind that will ensure that the door will be safe to use for many years.
  2. Professional and experienced garage door repairman, who performed hundreds of garage doors repair and installation in Bedford New York.

A decision to replace your old garage door and install a new one can come from different reasons: From a garage door which is too old to be used and to repair it may cost almost the same as replacing it, to a garage door which was hit by a car, to cosmetic reasons, since a new garage door will definitely improve the appearance of your house.

New Garage Door

A new garage door installation is a project you should once, and avoid repeating it for the next 10-20 years (Depend on the quality of the door, the maintenance, the use Etc…). With that being said, we recommend you to invest in a high quality garage door, since a high quality garage door, from a leading garage doors brands, that will be installed by one of our trained installers, will assure that you are going to receive the garage door you expect to get, and a good value for the money you invest.
If you are looking for a company that install overhead garage doors in Bedford New York, and that have successfully installed countless amount of garage doors in Westchester New York, you are looking for J&C Garage Doors And Gates. All you need to do is to call us today, and get a new high quality garage door.

Our garage door service in Bedford New York include:

  1. Phone consultation
  2. Repair and replace of all garage doors models
  3. Use of high quality garage door parts
  4. Professional and experienced technicians
  5. Fair price for every project, repair/installation
  6. Broken sensors repair.
  7. Out of track garage door repair
  8. Garage door replacement in Bedford NY
  9. Garage door opener/motor repair
  10. Garage door Spring Repair
  11. Garage door replacement
  12. Garage door maintenance
  13. Commercial Overhead door service.

For same day Overhead door repair in Bedford New York

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