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Garage Door Service

J&C Garage doors specialize in garage door repair and installation in Westchester New York. Our reputation was built from hundreds of satisfied customers, who can testify that when it comes to garage door repair in Westchester NY, J&C Garage Doors is the answer.
Whether it is a simple Overhead door maintenance, or a complicated commercial Overhead door installation, our team of trained technicians will always give 100%, on their way for another satisfied customer.

Our Mission

We believe that the key to a good repair service, whether it is a garage door in Greenwich CT, or garage door repair in Scarsdale, start from one basic thing - you must love what you do. We love our job, and love to help people who need our service. Each one of our garage door technicians, who performed hundreds of repairs and installations in Westchester County, know very well that they have a reputation to maintain, and they will always do their best, to add one more customer to our long list of satisfied customers.

Our Service

We offer a same day garage door and rolling gate repairs in Westchester NY.  Whether you need a broken garage spring replacement in White Plains, or a new garage door opener in Harrison New York, or even just a basic maintenance, we are the address. Need the service ASAP? No problem. We understand that a stuck garage door or broken gate can lead to a lot of frustration, and in order to prevent that, we offer you a same day service, to make sure that your overhead door will work again today.

Our service area

We provide garage door services in and around Westchester County area. Our trained technicians will come to your location, and provide you with a repair service on the spot. To achieve that, we carry all the tools and the parts, which are needed in order to provide you a quick and professional repair service. If you are located outside Westchester, but you heard about our service and would like to use it, we will never say no. Since our reputation is famous as the best garage doors company in Westchester even outside Westchester. So call us and get the service today. We are committed to a same day service and to 100% satisfaction, so call us today, and get your garage door back on track.

Our garage door service in Westchester Include:

  • Same day garage door repair.
  • Residential garage door.
  • Commercial garage door.
  • New garage door installation.
  • Garage door opener repair.
  • Garage door spring repair.
  • Emergency repair service.

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Garage Door Repair

We always say that a good repair, whether it is a garage door repair in New Rochelle, or a garage door repair in Brooklyn, start from one basic thing: understanding the problem and the reason that lead to it.
J&C Garage Doors are committed to provide the best repair service to your garage door. Whether it is a garage door broken spring, a safety sensor issue, or even a noisy garage door, we will know exactly what should be done, to get your door working again ASAP. But not only that we will fix the door, we will only locate the reason to the problem, and we will repair it as well, to make sure that it won’t repeat anytime soon.
In order to avoid waste of time, money and to avoid frustration, we advise you not wait for your garage door to completely stop working before calling us. If you will choose to ignore the problem, not only that you will need a bigger repair, but you will put yourself, and the people who use the door at risk, since a broken garage door can be dangerous, whether it is an overhead door in Mount Vernon, or a garage door repair in Yonkers, and can lead to serious injuries and even death.

Same Day Repair

We offer a same day garage door repair in Westchester NY, and in order to get your garage door working again ASAP, we carry in our service tracks all the tools and the parts, which are needed to complete the repair at the spot. Whether it is a garage door repairs in New Rochelle, or a new garage opener installation in Scarsdale, we will fix it. We also provide garage door maintenance service, to make sure that your overhead garage door is safe for use, and to guarantee that it will continue to serve you for many more years.

Maintenance And Repair

We said it before, and we will say it again and again, do not ignore the need for garage door maintenance. A maintenance should be performed at least twice a year, and although it is a simple process, during the maintenance service our repairman can make sure that the door is safe for use,  and  that it will continue to serve you for many more years.

Spring Repair

From broken extension spring, to torsion spring, we can fix it. We carry with us springs from different size and for different doors, and we do our best to carry the spring that will fit your door, and that will get your garage door working again today. Please note that an overhead door with a broken spring should not be used, until it will be repaired by a trained technician. Using a garage door with a broken spring can cause a bigger damage, but more important, using it while the spring is broken is dangerous, and can even be deadly.

Wonder how to repair a broken garage door? Visit our Garage Door Troubleshooting page.


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Garage Door Installation

Every garage door, No matter if it is a commercial overhead door in Westchester County, or a residential garage door in the Bronx, that was correctly installed, using top quality parts, and which was installed by a trained and experience garage door tech, should work perfectly for many years. But even the best garage door may need service every few years, especially when the need for maintenance was ignored.

Garage Door Price

We always explain to all our customers that installing a new garage door is something you should deal with no more than once every 15-20 years. And that is the reason why we recommend to purchase a high quality new garage door in Westchester, from the kind that will easily last for many years, and from the kind that won’t need to be repaired every few months. At the same time, we would like to make it clear, that investing in a high quality garage door is no a waste of money, but an investment, that will be a smart investment since you will get a high quality overhead garage door, that you will feel the quality at the first time you are going to use it, and a garage door that will serve you for many years, and which won’t need any service beside maintenance.

Which Garage Door

When it comes to new overhead garage door installation, the options are endless. From basic Non-insulated garage door, to a wooden custom made garage door, each one can find the right garage door that will answer their needs. It can be a garage door in Greenwich, or a garage door in Chappaqua, In general, there are few questions you should ask yourself before choosing your next garage door such as: What is the purpose of the door? What is my budget? What is the size of the door? And much more. We can help you answer those questions, and assist you to make the right decision when purchasing a new garage door.

Motor Installation

There is no question that a motorized garage door can make it easier to open and close the garage door. But just like a new overhead garage door installation, there are few questions you should be asking yourself: How often do I open and close the door, will I park my car in the garage? Do I need a garage door opener? If you decided that you do need a garage door motor, just make sure it will include a safety feature, such as safety sensors, to protect people or objects from getting hurt by the door while it is closing. And make sure that you are purchasing a high quality garage door opener from a leading brand such as Lift Master, that can open and close the garage door many times a day and that can work for many years.

Need a new garage door? We offer a large selection of garage door in Westchester New York.


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Gate Repair

Need a rolling gate repair? Looking for a company in Westchester County that fix all kinds of gates? You just found them. We perform all kinds of Roll up gates repair and installation in Westchester New York. From a warehouse Roll up gate repair, to a parking lot rolling gate installation, J&C Garage Doors will be happy to assist you. With years of experience in the gate repair and installation field, we got the knowledge, the tools and the parts to repair your broken gate today.

Emergency repair service

If there is one thing that we learned during years in the gate repair service, is that there is never a good time for a gate to get stuck. Whether it is a commercial rolling gate in NYC, or a residential gate in Port Chester, a rolling gate which got stuck in open position, or a roll up gate that refuse to go up, we can help. With our 24-7 emergency gate repair in Westchester County, you can be sure that someone will come to help you today.

Gate and safety

We are used to a gate which serve us every day, and which open and close whenever we need it to. But when the gate stop working, getting stuck or just stopped responding, you better contact a roll up gate specialist to come and repair it. If you gate is out of track, whether it is a rolling door in Harrison New York, or a swing gate in Chappaqua, if the gate is stuck in open or close position, making strange noises, or if you are having hard time opening and closing it, it mean that there is something wrong with it, and you better call someone who repairs gates in Westchester. If you will insist to continue to use the gate, and will try to force it to open and close, no matter if it is a motorized gate or a manual one, you will probably create a bigger problem. And now not only that the repair is going to cost you more, but now you put yourself, and the people who use the gate in danger.

Gate Replacement

Need to install a new gate? Looking to replace you old motor? Want to convert your rolling gate to electric gate? We can help. J&C Garage Door fix and install new gates from all kinds in Westchester County NY, including rolling gate, roll up gate, sliding gate, swing gate and more. If you would like the advice of a professional gate specialist, call us today, and we will be happy to assist you. Whether you need garage door repair in Scarsdale, or garage door repair in Monsey, with our same day service, we can fix your broken garage door today.

Our gate service in Westchester include:

  • Same day gate repair
  • Gate Motor repair
  • Maintenance service.
  • Repair for all models.
  • Out of track roll up door repair.
  • Commercial rolling gate
  • Rolling Gate Westchester NY
  • Roll Up Gate Repair Westchester.
  • Swing gate Repairs.

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Our Clients Say it Best
  • Thanks so much for installing my new garage door so quickly. I would just like to say that your company has provided such an amazing service to date. It is very rare in business today. I will gladly recommend your services.––LAURA FROM WESTCHESTER NEW YORK

  • My name is Benicio. Pretty impressed with the customer service from J&C. The guy actually appeared at my door at midnight like he promised! I could never leave my store open, and if not J&C, I would of need to spend the night in my store until someone will come and help me to fix my roll up gate.––BENICIO FROM PONINGO

  • Thanks again for helping me, I just want to say your level of attention to the repair work has been amazing. I have never got this amount of patience. You provide the best level of service, and I really appreciate you helping me with my garage door. Thanks!–LIZ FROM YONKERS

  • I am writing to you guys about the roll up gate repair service you provided me in my garage at Yonkers. The door was getting stuck again and again for years, until Jack was here and fix it. Not only that he fixed the gate, he even show me why it happened, and how to avoid it from happening again in the future. Thanks!––MARTIN FROM YONKERS