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Garage Door Troubleshooting

No matter if you installed the best Overhead garage door in Westchester, or it is a garage door repair in Brooklyn, and no matter if you maintained your garage door on time, every garage door will eventually need to be repaired. It may take 5 years or 25 years from the day of the installation, but one day your garage door will stop working, get stuck, or start making strong noises, and that will be your sign to do it yourself, or to contact a garage door company in Westchester. The reasons that may require a garage door repair in Westchester New York are different, we will list few of them below, and the ways to deal with them:

Garage door motor problem

There are many reason that can lead to a broken garage door opener, from safety sensors problems, to a broken gear, through a remote or Key Pad problem. If your garage door motor is broken, first there is a need to figure what is the source of the problem, and then how to solve it.

How the garage door work?

It is important to clear one thing about the garage door motor: Although it seem to us like the motor is what lowering and opening the door, the motor is actually doing only a small part in the lifting, and the spring system, whether it is a torsion or extension spring system which in charge of the lifting. So even if it may seem to you that the reason that it is difficult for the motor to open the door is due to a motor problem, the reason might be a mechanism problem.

Broken garage door spring

As we mentioned above, the spring system is what make it so easy to lift even the heaviest commercial overhead door, and what slow the closing door and preventing it from crashing into the ground. When the spring break, it is usually followed by a scary loud noise, that make you wonder if the whole door is not completely ruined. But there is no reason to worry, a broken spring replacement is a common job for us, and we carry with us the springs which are needed to complete the repair on the spot.

What to do if the spring snapped?

If your garage door spring snapped, there is nothing much you can do, beside contact a company in Westchester New York that repair garage door spring. But what you shouldn’t do is to try and use the door after the spring broke and before it was replaced. If you will try and use the door, it will lead to 2 things:
The first, thing is that you will probably cause a bigger damage, such as burning your garage door opener, which will need to do a job which it is not made for such as lifting the heavy door.
But the more important thing that may follow using a garage door spring, or any other garage door problem, is in the field of the safety, so we would like to make it clear: A broken garage door should not be used! Using a broken garage door can be dangerous and can even be deadly.

Garage Door Spring Repair Westchester New York

Out of track garage door

A good garage door should not went out of track. If your garage door went out of track, there is something wrong with it, and pushing it back into the track by forcing it (Something that can be dangerous and should be done by a trained technician),will not solve the problem, and it will probably happen again. The reasons for an out of track garage door are many, and every case is different: from broken roller, through old or damaged tracks, to broken spring or torn cable, it is impossible (Or unprofessional) to determine what the reason without visiting and inspecting the door is. But again, the best advice we can give you is to stop using the door, and contact us for a same day repair service.

Safety sensor troubleshooting

This is one is probably one of the common problem that prevent an Overhead garage door from working. The safety sensors should be installed (By Federal law!) whenever there is a garage door opener installed. The safety sensors are installed for safety reasons, and in case someone or something will cross the door’s path when it closing, the safety sensors will signals the opener to stop working and reverse, and by that protect the person (or the object) from being hurt by the door.

What can you do?

When the safety sensors are not aligned (Someone accidently moved or hit them), or the wire is disconnect, or if the sensor is damaged (hit by a car), the garage door opener will not close the garage door, since it is not getting a signal from the sensors that the open is clear, and that it is safe to close the garage door. If your garage door is only closing half way, and then opening back (usually followed by a blinking light from the motor) it may be due to a safety sensors problem. Make sure that the sensors are facing each other and none of them is damaged, and make sure that the wires are not harmed. Also make sure that there is a light on each sensor (Yellow and Green for lift master). If the sensors aren’t aligned, try to make them face each other, if they are aligned, please contact us and we will help.

Garage Door Track

Do it yourself ?!

The DIY Videos online have changed many things in our life. In the past we had no clue how to deal with certain problems that accrued during our everyday life, and today it seem like everything is only one click away. We encourage people to try to repair things by themselves, and we always to try and assist people over the phone. But there is one thing we would like to make clear: The Videos you can find online, such as the You tube Videos, make things seem so easy to repair, but this is not the case in real life, from the simple reason: In the online Videos you see how to fix a certain door, BUT!! No two garage doors are the same, and what worked for the garage door you saw in the Video, won’t necessarily work for your garage door as well. If you did decide to go ahead and do repair the problem by yourself: Make sure you got the right parts (Not every part will fit every garage door!) Make sure you have the right tools which are needed for the job. Always wear protection such as gloves and glasses. Make sure that you know what you are doing. Make sure you understand the mechanism of the garage door. And don’t forget, safety comes before everything else.


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