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Garage door repair Rye New York

The weather in New York is not the friendliest to the garage door and to its parts. So even when we installed  the best garage door in the market, and we made sure that the door was maintained and tuned twice a year, every overhead door will eventually stop working and require repair.
We can try and minimize the need for repair by preserving the door and its parts, but a spring can snap, an opener can get stuck due to different reasons, and a cable can snap. But there is no need to worry, because a good garage door repairman can repair almost every overhead door problem. The dilemma start when the repair may cost more than completely replacing the door, and here you need an experience garage door technician to give you the best advice on whether to repair or to replace.
It is impossible to give one right answer to that question. And to try and answer the phone without physically inspect the door first will be unprofessional. The door need to be examined before we will be able to determine if the repair worth it, or if the door can be repaired at all. So if you are not sure, or if you think that you prefer to replace the door without consider repairing it, contact us for a same day overhead door service in Rye New York.

Garage door spring repair Rye NY

If there is one problem that we need to deal with on a daily base, and it is probably one of the most common problems, that require our service, is a garage door that one of its springs snapped. When the spring snap, the door need to operate without the assistance of the broken spring, and that can be dangerous. We recommend you to avoid using a garage door with a broken spring, and to contact a garage door technician in Westchester New York to replace the spring for you.
J&C Garage doors and gates specialize in all kinds of overhead door repairs, including spring repair or replacement. We have the knowledge and the experience to match the right spring (in terms of size and weight), that will make your garage door work again. Do not think that every garage door spring can fit every door. Every door is unique, and using the wrong spring not only that won’t allow the overhead door to work properly, but it can also be dangerous. So when it comes to sprig replacement, let the pros deal with the problem, and do not fall for the youtube Videos that show you how “easy” it is to replace a torsion spring, but what they don’t show you is how easy that “easy” job can get complicated and dangerous.

Garage door opener repair Rye

If you need a garage door motor repair, or if you’re looking for a fresh opener installation, always aim for the best. When you purchase a high quality garage door motor, from a leading garage door supplier in Westchester New York, you are getting 2 things: you are getting a high quality opener that will work for many years, and you are getting an opener that you will see its quality from first use.

Garage door maintenance Rye NY

One important thing that all garage doors have in common is the need for tune up preferably twice every year. If you purchased a high quality garage door, from leading brand, and you purchased a high quality opener, but you ignored the need for tune up every 6 months, your day may get stuck and need some repair. The maintenance process is simple, and can be performed by every trained garage door tech, or even in a “do it yourself” way.
So if you cannot remember the last time your door was maintained, it is time to contact J&C Garage doors and gates for a same day overhead door and gate service in Westchester County.

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