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Not every gate technician can deal with the heavy duty commercial gates, and the commercial gates are definitely not the place for the local handyman, or for a general contractor to try and learn how to fix a damaged commercial gate. In order for a local gate technician to be able to repair a busted commercial gate, he need to have the knowledge, tools and the experience that only years of servicing commercial gates in Westchester County New York can teach.
If you ever pay attention and look from close, you will find that to find 2 identical commercial gates in Westchester County is rare, since each gate was created for the open where it is meant to be installed at, and since there are different sizes of storefronts in New York, they require different size of gates.

Commercial Gate and Safety

Gates can be dangerous. Here was said it clearly. Misuse of a commercial gate can end with serious injuries, and can lead to death. If you own a commercial gate in Westchester County, and there is something wrong with the gate, hire a local expert to device the gate for you. We, at J&C Garage Doors and Gates, are aware to the fact that a damaged commercial rolling gate - whether it is a busted gate repairs near Yonkers New York, or heavy duty gate repair in Astoria New York - is the issue which everybody would like to solve as soon as possible. And if you are reading our post, you might be dealing with a stuck commercial gate, and you are looking for a local company in Westchester County who offer same day gate services.
If you own a commercial property in Westchester County City, and you are using a rolling gate to secure the property, you are probably been using a gate which operate flawlessly every time you use it. But whenever a problem occur, and the gate stop working as it used to, it is time to hire a local expert to service the gate and make it work again in a smooth and safe way every gate in the world should work like.

Motor-driven Commercial Gate Westchester County

If the case is a motor-operated gate in Westchester County, and you are unable to open or to close the gate, it may be due to a problem with the gate operator, the electricity power, or even with the gate itself. Although it may seem to you like the operator is no longer able to open up the rolling gate, you will be surprised to learn that in 50% of gate problems, the problem isn’t the motor. Not once we receive calls for service from clients who own commercial gates in Westchester County, and they tell us that there is an issue with their automated gate. But not once after we arrive we discover that the real problem is actually the gate and its parts such as a spring that need some tension, or a bottom bar that got disconnected for the gate.
To us, as garage doors and gates experts, who saw countless amount of commercial gates and doors in Westchester, it make a no difference if you need a commercial gate repair near White Plains, or garage door service near Scarsdale, if you are unable to close the gate, if the gate’s spring snapped, if the slats are off tracks, or if you are unable to lock and secure the gate, with our same day service in Westchester County, your gate will be repaired today.

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Reasons to hire a qualified gate expert

There are a lot of handymen as well as some different builders in Westchester County, who seek to try to repair a defective rolling gate rather than hire an expert gate specialist who have the expertise and the equipment to handle a defective industrial metal gate. We at J&C Garage Doors and Gates believe that the best method to explain why you should use a qualified gate specialist and not the local handy-man to service your busted commercial gate is with an illustration, and with a situation analyze about rolling gate repair in Westchester County :
The service we provide in Westchester County, which is garage gate repairs, require from us to be available to take emergency calls even during weekends. So when we got a call from a store owner in Dobbs Ferry, who told us that he cannot get the storefront gate to close, we immediately sent a technician. The technician told the store owner that the gate is jammed, and that he need a new spring, that will cost him $450. The store owner answered that he has a guy who repair his gates, and that he just need us to close the gate for him. We closed the gate for him, and we left. He paid us $100 for the job, and we wished him good luck.
The store owner called us the next morning to come and open the gate for him, since “his guy” didn’t answer the phone yet. And we also returned at night to close the gate again, and the next morning. So the store owner ended paying $400 just for services, instead of paying the initial $450 for the repair. So we tell all our customers in Westchester New York: Do not try to save money from the wrong reasons. You might find that you spent more than double.

Commercial overhead door Westchester NY

Commercial Overhead Door

We do commercial rolling gates and commercial overhead doors in New York. You might be in need for emergency storefront rolling gate service, for a new commercial overhead door repair, whatever it is, we at J&C Garage Doors can help. We specialize in repairing all types of doors and gates, including commercial garage doors and gates. If you need spring replacement, or commercial overhead door motor installation, get in touch with us today, and we will repair the door for you. All you need to do is to get in touch with us, and we will help you get your overhead door working again.
We repair commercial overhead doors from all manufactures in New York: You might need service for Amarr door, or for Power-Master gate operator, we can help.

Emergency Commercial Gate Repairs

We certainly have realized that commercial gates can get defective, stuck or ruined throughout completely different hours and on totally different days. It can be a commercial gate in Chappaqua Westchester County which came off the rails, and it can be a commercial rolling gate repairs near the Bronx with a damaged chain system. And since we are skilled sin the gate fixes area, we are able to repair any broken gate today. Our techs are able to handle any busted commercial gate and industrial over the head doors in Westchester County. We ensure that they will be alert to the latest trends in the gates marketplace, and that they will have the capability to provide the purchaser with different solution, which will bring to the best results.
If you are in need for emergency commercial gate repair, for home garage door service, or for industrial overhead door installation, J&C Garage Doors can help. We offer same day service near Westchester County for all types of garage doors and gates. Our tech are qualified to deal with any type of garage door or gate, and to get your broken garage door working again today, just as it used to work before it got stuck.
Avoid unnecessary risks that can easily result with accidents and injuries, and hire a local expert to do the job.

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