Garage door Spring repair Westchester New York

Garage Door Spring Westchester New York

There are many reasons for a broken garage door spring. Most of them are a bad, or no maintenance at all. But if the spring in your garage door is snapped, it doesn't mean that you need to get a new garage door. All it mean is that you need to contact J&C Garage doors for same day spring repair service (And it probably also mean that you have been ignoring the need for maintenance). It can be a broken garage spring repair in White Plains, or torsion garage spring repair in Scarsdale, J&C Garage Doors can fix or replace the broken spring today.

Torsion spring cable snapped

Torsion Spring Repair

A good garage door technician can fix or replace a broken torsion spring. We know that a broken spring, which lead to a garage door that cannot be open or close, can be the cause for a lot of frustration. That is why we, at J&C garage door, are available 24/7 for all your garage doors needs. We repair garage door torsion spring in Westchester County NY, and we will do it today. We carry in our tracks many torsion springs from different size and for different garage doors, and most likely that we carry the spring which is needed in order to repair your garage door. If the Garage Door springs are broken, or any other garage door issues, please contact us, and one of our garage doors technicians will be happy to help.
It is important to make it clear, that a broken garage door - whether it is a broken spring, or any other problem – can be dangerous, and should not be used before it will be repaired and inspected by a garage door repairman, who will make sure that it is safe for use again.
Do not assume that a spring that looks like the spring you had on your overhead door in Westchester is going to work. If you won’t find the exact spring for your garage door, the results can be bigger damage and even injuries. If the spring will be too big for the door, it can “jump” up, and if it will be too small for the door, it can crush into the ground. There is only one right size of spring for a garage door in Westchester County.

Broken torsion springs

Spring Replacement Westchester New York

We offer a same day garage door repair service, which include same day broken spring repair in Westchester New York. Whether your garage door spring snapped due to lack of maintenance, or for any other reason, we can fix it. We got the experience to match the right spring for your door, the spring that will maintain the balance of the door, whether it is a single car garage door, or a heavy duty commercial door. All you need to do is to contact us, and get your garage door repaired today.
Since we know garage doors in Westchester County, and we have been repairing and installing them for many years, we know which spring are most likely to snap, so we carry many of them with us. It give us the ability to replace a broken spring on the spot, and to allow you to get back to use a perfectly operating garage door. There was never a broken garage door in Westchester County we couldn’t repair, and in most cases we repaired the door on the spot. We believe in quick and professional service, and we will do our best to provide our customers with that service.

Torsion garage door springs

Extension Spring Repair

The extension springs located on top of your garage door tracks. Repairing a broken extension spring is not a complicated project for a trained technician, and we are dealing with repairing broken spring on a daily base. When it comes to extension springs replacement, we would like to make it clear, that in terms of safety, every extension spring should include safety cables, which installed in order to protect the surrounding area of the garage door, in case the spring break. In order to avoid broken springs, or any other damage to your garage door, every garage door need a maintenance service once every 6 month, whether it is a garage door in Haverstraw New York, or a garage door spring Staten Island, they all need to be maintained. If you think that there might be a problem with your garage door, do not wait until it will be too late and contact us to save time and money. For any questions, please contact J&C garage doors and gates, and one of our real person customer service representative will be glad to assist you.
If you are wondering whether your garage door is equipped with safety cables, you first need to determine which spring system your garage door is equipped with. If it is extension springs, you better make sure that there are safety cables installed, if it is torsion spring system, there is no need for safety cables.

Torsion spring repair Westchester NY

Do it yourself spring replacement

During the last few years, we are meeting more and more people who tried to repair their garage door by themselves, based on you tube Videos. The problem is that there are few things that the Videos on you tube don’t prepare you for, so we would like to do it. Keep in mind that what may seem easy on the web, may be tough and dangerous in real life. So if you search for garage door spring repair, and you see some DIY videos, keep in mind that the videos you just found are for the doors presented on the video, and your door can be (and probably is) different.

  • Do you have the right part? There are many garage door springs, each spring was designed to fit a certain door, and sometime what may seem to us like the same spring, may turn to be the wrong spring. Not only that the door won’t work, you may put yourself at risk, since using the wrong spring is dangerous, the garage door can “jump up” or crash down.
  • Do you have the required knowledge? They have good explanation on some of the Videos, but they do not explain everything. If you do not understand the mechanism of the garage door, and the way it operate, avoid replacing the spring by yourself.
  • Every garage door is unique: You may have a garage door that operate by torsion spring system like the one in the Video, but it does not necessarily mean that you have the exact same door. Some doors are “low head-room”, which make the way they were installed different from other doors.
  • Do you have tools? Using screw driver, or a pipe instead of torsion sticks is dangerous. Avoid using tools which aren’t recommended for the job.
  • Do you know what the problem is? If the spring snapped, then you may think that replacing the spring may solve the problem, and you may be right, but you may also be wrong. Sometime there are additional parts to replace, to make sure that the garage door is safe for use.
  • Does it worth it? Is it worth it for you to put yourself, and your family at risk? Some doors can weight hundreds of pounds, and a misuse of the door can be deadly.

As you can see, there are many factors that should be calculated before deciding to repair it by yourself. But the bottom line of all of them is one: Nothing worth the risk, and you should never put yourself, or someone else at risk, because safety comes before anything else.

garage torsion springs
You may think that since we are a garage door company in Westchester County, we probably don’t want people to fix the door by DIY, but the truth is that there are some garage door repairs that should be performed by DIY, such as safety sensors repairs and general maintenance, and there are some that better to be left for the professionals and the qualified. If you would like to learn more about do-it-yourself, we wrote an article that you can find helpful here, or you can visit garage door Videos here.

Broken spring replacement case study

More than once, during servicing garage doors in Westchester County, we received calls from customers who tried fixing their garage door by themselves, or by using a local handyman, and ended with a completely broken garage door, and sometime even near injuries. One of the cases is the one when someone who had a broken garage door in Mamaroneck decided to buy the springs and replace the by himself. He actually purchased the right springs, and he also followed the right DIY video, but what he did not know is that since he had a low headroom garage door, some things need to be done differently. We do not blame him, some things only experience can teach, but this nice person almost got himself killed trying to operate the door once he (Assumed) he completed the installation.
What we say: sometime it is better to call a local garage door technician to come and fix the door for you. It can be a garage door in Westchester County, or anywhere else, some repairs, such as torsion spring replacement, are better to be left for the professionals.

garage extension springs

Commercial Spring replacement

Broken commercial/Industrial overhead door spring is a common problem that we need to deal with on a daily base while servicing industrial garage doors in Westchester NY. Most commercial garage doors are equipped with torsion spring system, which is the preferred spring system for industrial heavy duty overhead doors. When one (or both) of the springs snapped, or if the spring is not adjust correctly, there is nothing much you can do except contacting a garage door company in Westchester County who specialize in commercial garage doors repairs.
The commercial garage doors often require custom made torsion springs, to fit a heavy duty garage door. Do not think to purchase garage door springs from a local garage door supplier, and to perform the torsion spring replacement by doing it yourself. Those kind of springs cannot be found everywhere since it require a garage door expert who can deal with heavy duty overhead door with a broken spring.
J&C Garage Doors carry springs for many commercial overhead doors in Westchester County New York, and we may also carry with us the required spring to repair your garage door. But in some cases, especially when it is a case of a commercial heavy duty garage door in Westchester County, we may need to measure and weigh the overhead door, and to come back with the needed spring. But there is no need to worry. As we did with all commercial overhead garage doors that we repaired, we will give you a temporary solution, until we return with the spring for the replacement. Most likely, within a day. We also offer emergency commercial garage door repairs in Westchester County, so someone will be there for you today. And even if he couldn’t complete the repair right there on the spot, we can still provide you with a temporary solution, and return once we will get the parts.

Commercial spring replacement Westchester County

There are many commercial overhead doors in Westchester County, each door require its own size of springs. And the exact size of spring. There is no “maybe” or “almost” when it comes to commercial garage door springs. If you will install the wrong spring, or if you will use the right spring but won’t install it correctly, it can be dangerous. There are many different sizes of springs, and many of them may seem the same to you, when they are actually different. It can be commercial rollup door, or a commercial overhead door, avoid using the door, or trying to operate it. As we explained, when the spring break, there isn’t enough power to support the door, and it can easily crush, not to mention that it may be impossible to open it.

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