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Garage door service Stamford CT

Looking for a garage door repair service in Stamford CT? You got to the right place. J&C Garage doors specialize in all kinds of garage door repair in Stamford CT. From residential garage door repair, to commercial garage door repair, we have the solution. Our Garage doors technicians, with years of experience in the garage doors field, will fix every garage door from any manufacture such as Amarr Garage Doors, Clopay Garage Doors, Wayne Dlaton Garage Doors and more. Whether it is a broken garage door opener, or a snapped spring that need to be fixed or to be replaced, we got it all.
And not only that we will fix your garage door, we will do it today, because the nature of our service, demand from us to available 24/7 to provide repair service for all our customers in Stamford CT.

Our garage door technicians in Stamford

Our team of garage doors technicians in Stamford CT, will always try to deliver the best and fastest service, and of course in affordable prices, no matter how big or complicated the job. So if you live in Stamford CT, and you are searching for a reliable and professional garage door company, you are in the right place. Since we have a reputation to maintain, we are committed to a 100% satisfaction for every garage door repair we accept, simple or complex.
All our garage door technicians are experienced, trained and of course insured, and they have the knowledge to locate the problem and solve it, but beside that, they have the knowledge to locate the reason to the problem, and repairing that as well, by that they are preventing the problem from repeating, and allowing you to get back to use a perfectly working garage door for many more years.



Garage door installation Stamford CT

If you are searching for a new garage door installation, you should be looking for 2 important things: A professional garage door technician that will perform a good installation job, and a high quality garage door and parts. If you live in Stamford CT, and you are looking for a company that can provide you with those 2 things, you got to the right place. One of our specialties in J&C garage doors, is installing new garage doors in Stamford CT.
From residential garage door installation, to a complicated commercial overhead door installation, we can provide you with the best service that made us so famous, combined with a high quality garage door and parts, from the leading brands of garage doors in America.
We believe that a good garage door installation will lead to a garage door that will work perfectly for many years (with the right maintenance job). That is the reason why we only use the best garage doors parts in the market, designed for the American standard. We also offer same day garage door opener installation in Westchester County New York and in Stamford, to allow you to get back to use a perfectly operating garage door again.
If you live in Stamford CT, and you are looking for a garage door company, that will provide you with a professional installation job, contact us, and we will be happy help you to find the right garage door for you.

Garage door opener repair Stamford CT

Need a new garage door opener? The opener can’t lift the door? We can help. But first we would like to make one thing clear: As much as it may seem obvious that the garage door opener is what lifting your garage door, it is not necessarily true.  In most overhead doors, the force that raise the door, and that gently lower and balance it is actually the spring system, and not the motor. The motor is doing less than 10% of the lifting.
And when a spring snap, or any other problem with the garage door mechanism, the garage door opener need to do more than it should, and to you it may seem like it is having hard time opening the door. If you will insist to use the door although there is something wrong, not only that you will cause a bigger damage, but you may also put yourself, as well as others who use the door at risk.

Broken spring repair Stamford CT

If you are looking for garage door spring repair in Stamford CT, we can help. We carry with us springs from all kinds such as torsion springs and extension springs, and for different sizes and weights of doors, and most likely we carry the spring which is required to repair your garage door. If you own a custom door, which may require a special size of spring, we can deliver. We will measure and weight the garage door, and we will return the next day (If not the same day) with the missing spring and replace the broken one.

Garage door Stamford CT

What to do if the spring snapped?

When the spring snapped, there is nothing much you can do, beside stop using the garage door, and contact us. You should know that using a broken garage door is dangerous, and can lead to serious injuries.
Another thing that we can only recommend, is to avoid trying to repair the garage door by yourself. There are many Videos that explain how to repair a garage door in Stamford, or anywhere else, but you should know that in those Videos there is an explanation about repairing a certain garage door, and it won’t necessarily work for your garage door as well.
The best thing will be to contact us, since we offer same day garage door repair in Stamford, and we carry almost all the springs that are needed to complete the repair on the spot.

Garage door coupons

We, at J&C Garage doors and gates. Know that in today’s tough economic climate, the value of quality service has been pushed aside in favor of the bottom line. We believe that the tradition of excellent value can still be balanced with competitive pricing. That why we are proud to offer you a list of discount coupons, so each one of our customers will be able to find the right coupon for their next garage door job. We that there are other garage doors companies in Stamford CT, and we appreciate the fact that you choose to use us.
We offer all kinds of discount coupons for all garage doors work. From garage doors maintenance job, through a garage doors repair job, to a new garage doors installation. Take a look at our coupons page, and find the right coupon for the right job.

Our garage door service in Stamford

  • Same day repair service in Stamford.
  • Garage door spring repair.
  • Overhead door maintenance.
  • Commercial Overhead door in Stamford CT.
  • Broken section repair.
  • Out of track repair.
  • Emergency garage door repair in Stamford.
  • New garage door installation.
  • Garage door tune up.
  • Garage door sealing.
  • Overhead door safety.

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Call 914-364-6700

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