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Need a garage door repair service in Somers New York? Your Overhead door is out of track? The spring broke? Can you remember when was the last time someone maintained the door was? If the answer to one of those questions is YES, it is probably time you will contact J&C Garage Doors, who offer same day garage door repair service in Somers, and will be happy to get your garage door working again today.

Motor repair Somers New York

During years of repair and installation in the garage door repair field, we came up with two things you need to check before contacting a garage door company:
1. You need to check if the battery of the remote is not empty. If it is empty, replace it, and it may solve the problem.
2. You need to make sure that there is electricity in your garage, if not, contact a licensed electrician to come and repair it.
Once you checked the above, and you find that the battery in the remote isn’t dead, and that the motor does receive electricity, please contact us and we will fix it.
What most people do not know, and we would like to explain here, is that the reason that it is so easy to open and close the door, even the commercial heavy duty overhead doors, is not the motor, but the spring system. Without the assistance of the spring system, it would be hard, and sometime impossible for the opener to lift the garage door. So even if you are sure that the problem is with the motor, since it can’t lift the door, you may find that the reason is actually a broken spring that does not do its part in lifting the door.



Broken Garage door Spring Somers NY

The garage door springs are under a lot of tension, since they are in charge of lifting and preventing the overhead door from crashing to the ground when it closes.  When a spring break, it usually followed with a loud noise, and sometime with damage to the door, or to the garage area. Although it is scary, there is almost nothing you can do, accept stop using the garage door and contact a garage door company which fix broken garage door spring in Somers.

Extension springs safety cables

If your garage door is equipped with extension springs system, you should make sure that your garage door is equipped with safety cables. Which are installed in order to try and minimize the damage which following a breaking spring. If you are not sure if there safety cables installed, go to your garage door and look at the springs (If your door is working with extension spring system, hey should be located on top of the tracks), and look for metal wire which is looped from one end of the spring, and come out from the other side . If you are in Somers New York, and you can’t find the safety cables, please contact us, and we will install them for you.

Garage Door Replacement

If you live in Somers, and you are looking to replace your old overhead door and install a new door, there are few things you should know:
There are many garage doors manufactures in the market, from custom made garage doors, to basic single car garage doors, you can find the right garage door for you. A high quality garage door, which installed by a professional garage door tech, can last for many years with the proper maintenance, and since you do not want to replace or to repair it every 3-4 years, you better aim for a high quality garage door. The options when it comes to garage door size, color, design etc. are limitless, but if we can give you one advice before purchasing a new garage door, it will be to invest some more money, get a high quality garage door, and enjoy it for many years.

Garage Door Service Somers New York

  1. Same day garage door repair Somers New York.
  2. Garage door spring repair Somers.
  3. Garage door motor repair and installation.
  4. New garage door installation
  5. Garage door maintenance Somers NY.
  6. Commercial garage door Somers New York.
  7. Residential garage door Somers NY.
  8. High quality garage door and parts.

We offer high quality garage doors from leading garage doors brands, and we will gladly assist you to find the perfect garage door for you.

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