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Garage Door Maintenance

No one will ever consider ignoring the need of the car they are driving for oil change and the yearly inspection. You may do it a little late due to inconvenience, or you can do it yourself, but you will never ignore it, or look at it as a waste of money. The same goes for the garage door maintenance, it may work fine, and it may continue to work without the tune up, but if you will maintain it, you will guarantee a longer life time, and better performances. So do not wait for the garage door to break, which will lead you to look for garage door repair service in Westchester, something that will cost you much more time, and much more money, than if you would of maintain the door on time.

What is garage door maintenance?

The basic garage door maintenance include lubrication for the garage door parts, tune up for the spring and the motor, and inspecting the parts such as the rollers, the hinges, the pulleys (If extension spring system), the drums (If torsion spring system), the cables, and in general the way the garage door work.
Another important part of the garage door maintenance include a safety check for the garage door and the safety parts such as the safety cables and the safety sensors. If during the inspection, you discover a lose part, or a damaged one, you will have to replace it with a new part, to make sure that the garage door is safe for use.

Do it yourself Maintenance

The process of the garage door maintenance is not complicated, and if you search online you will find many Videos who instruct you how to maintain your garage door. In general, when you decide to repair something by doing it yourself, we always recommend to stay on the safe side, and never touch, release or lose parts that you are not sure about. If you have any questions, we always welcome you to contact us, and we will do our best to assist you.  
One of our favorite Videos is the one you can find below:


Should I perform the tune-up by myself?

As simple as the garage door maintenance may seem, if you decided to do the maintenance by yourself, without the assistance of a trained garage door technician, it is important that you will be careful, and always be on the safe side.
We are used to a garage door that goes up and down easily, and that seem harmless, but don’t forget that a garage door can weight hundreds of ponds, and a wrong use of it can be dangerous.

Few thing you should do to avoid injuries:

Before you start the maintenance, make sure that everyone who uses the door know that you are about to perform the maintenance, so no one will try to use the garage door while you are working on it. Even if all the people who use the door know about the maintenance, disconnect the opener from the electricity, to ensure that it won’t start working while you are working. And no matter what, do not release or touch parts which you are not 100% sure about their job, and if you are not sure that it is safe to release them

Garage door safety sensor

The Maintenance Process

As we mentioned above, the garage door maintenance include few parts, some of them are listed below:
Garage Door Safety check – If you are using an automated garage door, make sure that the safety feature which should be included is working, and it will protect and reverse the door in case someone will cross the door’s path while it is closing.
Lubricate the door - Some of the parts of the door that need to be lubricated (including dive train and sprockets). Make sure that you lubricate the hinges and the rollers, and in some cases other parts as well.
General Inspection – Inspect the garage door parts for lose, damaged or broken parts. If you find damaged parts, do not ignore it, and contact a garage door technician to replace them for you.
Check the connections of the parts to make sure all of them are tighten.
Adjust the garage door springs and opener. Sometime the garage door spring and opener need some adjust. If your garage door need it as well, please contact us and we will assist you.
Safety: No matter if it is a garage door repair in Scarsdale, or a garage door repair in Brooklyn New York, a damaged or broken garage door, that need repair, should not be used, until it will inspected and repaired by a professional garage door repairman. If you will insist on using the broken door, not only that you will create a bigger damage, but you will put yourself, and the people who use the door at risk.


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