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Garage door service Greenwich CT

If you are looking for someone who repair garage doors in Greenwich CT, You just found what you are looking for. We offer same day repair for all kinds of overhead doors in Greenwich CT. From residential garage door repair, to commercial overhead doors services, we have the solution. Our Garage doors technicians in Greenwich, with years of experience in the garage doors field, will fix every garage door from all manufactures. Whether the problem is a broken garage door opener, broken spring that need to be fixed or to be replaced, if your door went out of track, or if you need some maintenance, we are the answer for all your garage door issues in Greenwich CT.
But not only that we will repair your overhead door, we are going to do that today. With our same day garage door repair service in Greenwich, all you need to do is to call us, and one of our garage doors technicians will be on he’s way to fix your door.

Garage door problem Greenwich CT

There are many problems that prevent a garage door in Greenwich CT from working properly. From the most common problems, which include a broken spring and opener problem, to a garage door that went out of the tracks, to a completely new garage door installation in Greenwich. We believe that a professional repairman can repair any problem, no matter how complicated or how simple.
But if there was one thing we could recommend you regarding your overhead door in Greenwich, if you want to prevent the door from having problems. Is to maintain the door, and if possible every 6 months, The maintenance itself is a simple job, whether it is a garage door in Greenwich or a roll up door in NYC, that can be done by any trained garage door repairman in Greenwich. But what really matter is to do it, and not to think that there is no need to maintain something that work perfectly.
Our team of garage doors technicians in Greenwich CT, will always try to deliver the best and fastest service, and of course in affordable prices, no matter how big or complicated is the project. So if you live in Greenwich CT, and you are searching for a reliable and professional garage door company, you are in the right place.



Garage Spring Repair Greenwich CT

You probably noticed that your garage door in Greenwich is equipped with spring system. If you ever wondered how it is possible to lift open even a heavy duty garage door, when all that connect it to the tracks are the set of rollers which move along the steel garage tracks, you should know that what make it moving so smoothly is the springs. The springs are adjusted and created to fit your garage door, and if one of the springs snapped, it may be time to consider contacting a local garage door company in Greenwich.  If you live in Greenwich, and looking for a garage company that offer same day garage repair in Greenwich, you just found what you are looking for. We offer same day spring repair in Greenwich, and we can replace the broken spring on the spot.

Do not use a broken garage door

Whether you own a garage door in Greenwich, a garage door in Fairfield County CT, or anywhere else for that matter, using a garage door with a problem, whether the spring snapped, the rollers went out of the track, or if it seem like there is something wrong with the door, the best thing for you to do will be to stop using the garage, and contact a garage doors company who offer to fix your garage door today. If you will try and use the door, instead of using a garage door company in Greenwich, you will make a bigger damage, but more important – you will put yourself and your family at risk. With our same day garage repair in Greenwich, there is no need to try and repair the door by yourself, we will be there today, and fix the garage, sometime within an hour, since garage door repair in Greenwich is what we do.

Garage repairs in Greenwich CT

Torsion Spring Replacement Greenwich CT

If you own a garage door with torsion springs in Greenwich, and one of the springs snapped, you are probably looking at your garage door closed, and you are unable to open it. The reason why the door is closed and cannot be opened, and that goes for every garage door, whether it is a garage door in Greenwich, overhead door in Stamford or a garage door in New Rochelle. When the spring snapped, the door lose the power that helped it go up so easily, and now it is looking for that force from another source. Whether it is the opener, or someone to assist it to go up. If you live in Greenwich and facing a broken garage torsion spring, do not try and open the door using force, and contact a garage door company in Greenwich. Trying to force the garage to open can be dangerous, and can result with serious injuries. Especially if your garage door in Greenwich is equipped with torsion spring system, which usually installed for the heavier garages.

Extension Spring repairs Greenwich

Another form of spring system, which is also popular in Greenwich CT is extension spring system. Unlike the torsion spring system, those springs are located on the top of the garage steel tracks, and they are attached to steel pulleys that together with the cables allow us to open and close our garage door.
One important thing that need to be said about a garage door in Greenwich which is working with extension spring system, is that it should also include a safety feature which is “safety cables”.  The safety supposed to protect from pieces of the spring to fly around and break things in the garage, or from hurting someone. If you live in Greenwich, and your garage door is not equipped with safety cables, you should contact a garage door company in Greenwich CT to come and install the safety cables for you.

Overhead door Greenwich CT

Garage Opener Installation in Greenwich

Even the best garage opener in Greenwich can stop working. If it a high quality opener, from a reliable brand it can take 20 years, and if it is a cheap opener, it can happen after 5 years. The important thing is to use a professional garage repairman in Greenwich who will be able to determine if the motor need to be repaired or to be replaced.
Whether it is a garage opener in Greenwich, a garage opener in Yorktown, or anywhere else, there is one important thing that should be cleared: Repairing the opener is not always the best and the cheapest solution, and many times during servicing garage doors in Greenwich we prefer to replace rather than to repair.
Of course that every repair is unique, and sometime a basic repair can solve the problem, but many times, especially when the opener in Greenwich is more than 10 years old, we prefer to install a new opener, since if we will repair it, it will only be a temporary repair, and it will only be a matter of time before the opener will break again.
We carry high quality garage openers, for commercial and residential garages in Greenwich such as Lift Master openers, who offer high quality garage openers that can easily last for more than 20 years, as long as they are being maintained on time, and as long as they are being used to open and close a garage door which operate perfectly. For new garage opener installation in Greenwich, please contact J&C Garage Doors And Gates.

Garage Door Safety Sensors Troubleshooting

One of the problems that can prevent an electric overhead door in Greenwich from working properly, and that can prevent it from closing is a safety sensors issue. A safety sensor troubleshooting is not complicated, but at the same time it require some knowledge of the garage door and the way it operates.
Before you go ahead and try to fix the problem by DIY, you should know that the installing a safety sensors for a garage door in Greenwich, or any other city is required by a federal law, and you should never use your garage electrically if there is something wrong with the safety sensors.
To read about garage door safety sensors troubleshooting in Greenwich CT, you can visit the article we wrote, and explain in a way that you can do by yourself when you ask yourself “how to repair garage door safety sensors”. It is written in general speaking, and the methods described in it can be used for all types of overhead garage doors in Greenwich.

Overhead Door Repair Greenwich CT

New Garage Door Greenwich CT

There are many kinds of garage doors in Greenwich, in all colors, shapes and designs, but what really matter when it comes to a new garage door is the quality of the door. You can choose the design you like, and the color that will fit your house, but never compromise for the quality.
If you look around you, while driving around Greenwich, or while walking in your neighborhood, you will see endless amount of garage doors, all different from each other in shape and color. Which mean that each one can find the right garage door for them. But, when it comes to quality, most people try to save couple hundreds of dollars buy using the services of a garage door supplier in Greenwich, and asking for the cheapest garage door. But what they don’t know that this is the difference between a garage door that will work for many years, and a door that you will notice its quality every time you are going to use it; And a cheap garage door, that will probably work for 2-3 years, and then the problems will start. If you are looking for a high quality garage door installer in Greenwich CT, we will be happy to help you. We install high quality garages in Greenwich CT from leading brands like Amarr Doors, Wayne Dalton, Clopay and more.

Garage door installation Greenwich CT

But beside purchasing a high quality overhead garage door from a reliable garage supplier in Greenwich CT, there is one more thing that you are going to need, and that is a professional installer. If you went and purchased a top quality, insulated garage door from a garage supplier in Greenwich, but you did not use the services of a garage door installer, or even tried to install the door by yourself, it will result with a garage door that does not fulfill its potential, and a door that will need repairs every other year. The best thing for you will be to use the services of a garage contractor in Greenwich who offer new garage door and installation services in Greenwich.

Our garage door installation in Greenwich CT

We offer high quality garage doors, designed to fit the weather in Greenwich CT, and we also offer trained garage door installers, who have successfully performed hundreds of garage doors installation in Greenwich CT. All you need to do is to contact us, and prepare for a new top quality garage door.

Garage door Greenwich CT

Garage door coupons Greenwich CT

J&C Garage doors and gates know that it is not easy to find a professional repairman for a reasonable price, whether it is a new garage door installation in Greenwich, or a garage door repair in Hartsdale. We believe that the tradition of excellent value can still be balanced with competitive pricing. That is why we are proud to offer you a list of discount coupons, so each one of our customers in Greenwich will be able to find the right coupon for their next garage door job. We are aware that there are other garage doors companies in Greenwich CT, and we appreciate the fact that you choose to use us.
We offer all kinds of discount coupons for all garage doors work in Greenwich. From garage doors maintenance job, through a garage doors repair job, to a new garage doors installation in Greenwich. Take a look at our coupons page, and find the right coupon for the right job. Take a look at our coupons page, and find the right coupon for you, from “Prepare your garage door for the winter”, to “Garage door tune up package”, provide the door that serve you every day with some maintenance.

Our Garage Doors Services in Greenwich

There is never a good time for a garage door in Greenwich to get stuck. And facing a stuck garage door can be frustrating, especially when your car is locked inside the garage, and you are not sure if you will be able to locate a garage door company in Greenwich that will come in a short notice. But luckily for you, you found us, since we offer same day garage door repairs in Greenwich and emergency repairs for all types of garages and gates in Greenwich CT. All you need is to give us a call, let us know you need our help, and since Greenwich is local to us, we can be very soon, many times in less than an hour. Garage door repairs in Greenwich CT is what we do for living, and we are doing our best to provide a professional and quick garage repair in Greenwich and the area.

There are many good garage door openers manufactories. Today most garage door openers can still work perfectly even after 20 years from the day they were installed. But for that to happen few things need to happen. The door should work flawlessly, and the installation should be made by a garage door expert. We consider the garage motors made by Liftmaster as the best garage door openers in the USA. There are many garage door motors manufactures, and many garage door motor suppliers in Greenwich CT. And when we need to make a decision which garage opener to install, when there are so many garage door companies in Greenwich, we can easily get confused, and make a bad decision that will result with a garage door opener that will cause us may troubles in the feature, when we will try to open or close our overhead door in CT.
In this post we will try and assist you make the right decision, when purchasing a new overhead door motor, and to help you get a high quality garage motor installation. We are based in Greenwich, but the information we provide here can be used in different location. You may need garage motor replacement in Larchmont, or garage operator installation in White Plains, you will find the info we provide here useful.

Lift Master Garage Opener Greenwich CT

Hire a specialist to install the opener

After many years in the overhead door services in Greenwich CT, we do not think that there is a kind of motor that we did not see, repaired, services, and adjust. If you search and ask around, you will find that there are many types of motors in Connecticut, when each one of the motor manufactures will declare that they offer the best motors, in terms of strength, long lasting and warranty. And as we said, after many years, and after servicing countless amount of residential and commercial overhead doors in CT, we got to the conclusion that Liftmaster is the bran we can recommend, and when we install it, we know that we just made another one of our garage door customers in Greenwich happy.
So after countless openers repair and installation in Greenwich, from different brands, our preferred brand, that we consider to be from the kind of opener that can easily last 20 years and more, and that is easy to install, synchronize and use, is the openers created by Liftmaster It does not matter if it is their powerful chain drive opener, Liftmaster garage openers will do the job, and they are the kind of garage openers that you can consider as install and forget about it for many years. And as a leading garage door company, we know that Lift master motor is the motor that will help us build a reputation.
If you live in Greenwich, and you are wondering which garage motor will be the right opener for you, this article will help you make a wide choice. If you already owned a Liftmaster motor in the past, you probably aware to the qualities of the openers made by Liftmaster, and the only decision left for you to do is to choose the type of the motor, whether to install a Belt drive opener or chain drive opener in Greenwich. It can be a Liftmaster garage motor in Greenwich, or Liftmaster garage door repair in Brooklyn, when you choose Liftmaster you choose quality. And when the quality of Liftmaster motor is combined with the quality of installer from J&C Garage Doors and Gates, it result with the best garage motor you can get.

New Liftmaster Motor Greenwich CT

The installation process of your new Liftmaster is an important part on your way to a new garage motor in Greenwich. To get the right Liftmaster motor is not enough, since if you purchased the best opener, but did not use the services of a professional installer, who is experienced in installing Liftmaster garage openers in Greenwich, you will not get the quality that a Liftmaster can provide you. You can go and purchase the best garage opener in Greenwich but if you will decide to install it by yourself without the proper tools, or use the services of a handyman which is not a licensed and experienced garage door technician in Greenwich, you will not get the full potential that such a high quality opener can give you. We recommend you to purchase the opener and use the services of a garage installer in Greenwich, instead of purchasing the motor in one place, and then looking for someone who can install a new motor for you. We offer both high quality Liftmaster motors in Greenwich, like belt and chain drive motors, combined with professional installation services from Liftmaster installers who installed hundreds motors.

Lift Master Garage Opener Greenwich CT

Chain drive Liftmaster Greenwich

The Liftmaster chain drive motor is probably our best seller in Greenwich, and it is our first choice when recommending our customers which opener to purchase. It is a reliable opener, relatively easy to install and to operate, and with the right maintenance, it can serve you for more than 20 years. The chain drive garage opener in Greenwich work with a steel belt (Like a motorcycle chain) which is moving by the motor. And while moving along the rail, it move the trolley which is connected to the door itself, open and close the door whenever you need it to. If you need parts for garage door motor in Greenwich, you can contact us for a same day service.
The chain drive garage motor is easy to maintain, and the basic garage door maintenance, which should be performed every 6 months will definitely protect it, improve the way it is working, and will ensure that the opener will continue to work like it does for many more years. J&C Garage Doors and Gates offer same day garage opener service and maintenance in CT. Do not ignore a problem, whether it is Liftmaster opener, or any other garage opener, if you noticed that there is a problem with the garage opener, call us before the problem will become bigger. We offer same day garage door service Greenwich CT, and we can fix any garage door issue. Whether you need garage door repairs in New Rochelle, or garage door solution, the experts of J&C Garage Doors and Gates can help.

Liftmaster belt drive motor Greenwich

As we explained above, the Liftmaster chain drive motor is a strong and reliable motor and maybe our best seller in Greenwich. But there is another strong and reliable motor made by Liftmaster, which is for the people who would like their garage door in Greenwich to open and close in a silent way. If the overhead door you own is located above the living room or the bedroom, or if it is important for you to have a silently operating garage motor, you should choose the belt drive motor as your next Liftmaster garage door operator.
Although the chain drive motor is quitter, and not for nothing the name of the motor from Liftmaster called the whisper. Some people do prefer to hear their garage door every time that someone open or close the door. If you are one of them and you prefer to hear and know when someone uses your garage door in Greenwich, we will recommend to stick to the chain drive motor. Which is considered to be relatively quiet, but a little noisier than the chain motor.
It doesn’t matter if it is residential garage motor in Greenwich, or broken garage door repairs CT, invest in Liftmaster opener, and know that you are purchasing the best garage door motor money can buy.

Lift Master Overhead Opener Greenwich CT




Our garage door repair service in Greenwich:

  • Garage door spring repair/replacement.
  • Garage door opener repair/installation.
  • New garage door installation Greenwich.
  • Garage door maintenance Greenwich.
  • Emergency garage door repair Greenwich.
  • Commercial overhead door repair.
  • Residential garage door repair in Greenwich.
  • Garage door tune-up.
  • Safety sensors repair in Greenwich.

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