Same day roll up gate repair Westchester New York

Gate Repairs

One of the most frustrating things, is to come in or out of your home or your business, and to find that the gate is not working. To avoid that, we recommend not to wait until the gate stop functioning completely, and get someone to check it when the gate start to show signs of a problem.
There are many possibilities why a gate stopped working. Whether it’s a loss of power, a gate that went out of the track, or a broken part, we at J&C garage doors and gates will be happy to assist you.

Gate Repair Westchester


Roll Up Gate

Roll Up gates can serve multiple purposes. This is the reason why we always try to find the right balance between beauty and security. We can offer endless different colors and designs, so each one can find the roll gate they are looking for. Whether you are looking for a solid heavy duty roll up gate in Westchester, or a small “see-through” push up gate, we can help. Contact us today, and one of our gates specialist will be on he’s way.


Roll Up Gate Repair

Rolling Gate

Whether it is a rolling gate in Westchester County New York, or a roll up gate repair NYC, you want a strong gate that will keep the unwanted outside your business. We can offer different security rolling gates that will do the job for you, and that will help you sleep better at night.
We offer all kinds of rolling gates repair 24/7. Whether your rolling gate is stuck, broken or if you need a new rolling gate installation, you got to the right place. Call us and one of our gate technicians will be happy to help.


Rolling Gate Repair


We are used to a roll up gate that operate in a perfect way whenever we need it, and most of the time we forget to perform the maintenance by thinking that if it is working right now, why does it need to be maintained. But, one day your gate may stop working, and if you are reading those lines, this day may be today. So we would like to make it clear: A broken, stuck, out of track or any other problem with the gate should not be ignored. Using a broken gate is dangerous, and need to be repaired by a trained repairman.

Gate Safety