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Garage Door Repair in Pleasantville NY

Need to replace a broken garage door spring? We can help. We repair garage door springs for garage doors from all brands in Pleasantville NY. We fix torsion springs and extension springs, so you know that if it is a garage door spring problem, we can fix it.
When a garage door spring is breaking, it usually followed by a loud noise. If it is an extension spring, and there are safety cables installed, most chance that the damage is not big, and all you need to do is to replace the broken spring (usually booth springs need to be replaced). If there were no safety cables installed, then hopefully the broken spring did not cause a big damage, and the other parts of the garage door did not break or damaged. The safety cables that installed in torsion springs are there exactly for the reason that one day the spring may break. If you live in Pleasantville, and you have a garage door that operate with the help of extension springs, make sure that there are safety cables installed, and if there aren’t any, contact a garage door company in Pleasantville that repair broken springs and install safety cables.
Need a torsion spring repair? No problem. Our service tracks are equipped with torsion springs from all sizes, so we will be able to repair the broken spring at the first visit, and we won’t keep you waiting till we will receive the needed torsion springs.
We have successfully repaired and replaced hundreds of garage door springs in Pleasantville NY, and we have the experience and the knowledge to match the right spring for your garage door. Using a spring that doesn’t fit the door, or wrong adjustment for the garage door can be dangerous, and can cause damage to the door and to injuries.

For garage door spring repair in Pleasantville, Contact J&C Garage Doors.


Be Careful!!

If your garage door spring is broken, or if your garage door have any other damage for that matter, we highly recommend you to stop trying and use the garage door, since using a broken garage door can lead to 2 things” increasing the damage, and put yourself, or other people in risk. Garage Doors FAQ

Garage Door Opener Pleasantville NY

If you live in Pleasantville, and own an automated garage door that doesn’t work, you got to the right place. J&C Garage Doors offer same day opener repair and installation service in Pleasantville. We carry top quality garage door openers from leading openers manufactures, since it is important for us that our customers will get high quality openers, that will serve them for many years. 
A high quality garage door opener, should work with no problems for 5-15 years (sometime even longer). Yes, a high quality garage door opener may cost more than the basic cheap openers, but when you think about it, if you need to choose between a high quality opener, that will last 5-15 years, and a cheap opener, that may need to be repaired or replaced after 2-5 years, it is simple to understand that investing some more money in a good opener, is actually saving money.

Safety sensors

f you are trying to close your garage door, but the opener stop the closing and reversing, you probably have a problem with the safety sensors. The garage door opener will not close the door if the laser beam which run between the sensors is disturbed. 
One of the common reasons that cause a sensors problem is when someone accidently move one of the sensors, and by that breaking the laser beam. Other reasons are water damage, a wire which disconnected, dirt, or any other reason that stop the laser beam.
By law. No matter if it a garage door in Scarsdale, or a garage door Brooklyn, every automated garage door should include a safety feature, which will reverse the garage door in case a person or an object will block the laser bean that run between the safety sensors. Although the safety sensors are many times the reason that the garage door need to repaired, they are important for the safe use of the garage door, and shouldn’t be removed.
If you live in Pleasantville, and you are having an issue with your garage door opener or the garage door sensor, please contact us.

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