Gate repair case study

Case study: Gate repair Westchester

Nearly every business in Westchester County is using a roll-down door or a rolling gate for security. Some people might wonder why the rollup gate they own and the rolling doors in Westchester County so popular, and why many store owners choose the rolling gates to protect the business. There are many reasons explaining the benefits of choosing the rolling gates over other types of doors, the roll down gates are reliable, they barely take any space when they are open, they are relatively not as expensive as other security solutions are, and you can choose if to make them operator driven or you can choose to use them manually like the push-up gates. In this article we would like to bring few case studies about rollup gates problems and solutions, and the cases when gate owners tried to save money by hiring someone who isn’t qualified, or by repair the rolling gate by do it yourself, and ended with a completely busted gate.

Gate repair case study

Case study: Broken spring on commercial rolling gate

You might not be aware of it, but the roll down doors are equipped with a spring which makes it easy to open and close the gate, prevent the gate from falling when it is open, and from breaking when you close the gate. There are many different types of commercial gates in Westchester County NY, and the spring is what makes them operable with minimum force.
Now, most of the business owners in Westchester County - when they find that it became tough to open their gate – immediately assume that some greasing is going to solve all the problems. Usually when an issue occur, it remind them that it has been a while since they greased the gate. The truth is that when the gate’s spring is broken, it is probably too late for greasing as a method to repair the gate. When there is something wrong with the gate, you will need to hire a local rolling gate expert in New York to come and repair the gate for you.
The rollup’s spring is not something that you simply buy at any hardware store, or by shopping online, each gate require a specific spring, which will manufacture for that specific gate, in terms of size and weight. Now even after you bought the spring, now you are facing one more step: Installing the new spring. And this is something for the experts.
The case study: We once received a phone call from a store owner in New York, telling us the rolling gate of the store is busted. When we arrived, we discovered that the customer loaded the gate with grease, thinking that something the tracks will fix the problem. Just to remove the massive amount of grease and lubrication took us almost as much as replacing the broken spring took us.
Conclusion: When there is a broken part, such as a broken rolling gate spring, no amount of grease will solve the problem. The gate must be repaired, and the broken part need to be replaced. We once sold a spring to a customer, who insisted he can do the job with his friend. That was the last time we sold parts. He could not complete the work, and blamed the spring. It can be rolling gate in White Palins, or garage door repairs Scarsdale, we do not sell parts anymore.

rolling Gate repair case study

Case study: The operator is not working

The majority of the rolling gates in Westchester County are operator driven. If you own a operator driven rolling gate, and it seem like the operator isn’t working, it might be an issue with the operator itself, but there is also the option that the problem comes from a different source. It could be something with the gate itself, or sometime a problem with the electricity. The bottom line: Hire a licensed gate technician for the service. A qualified gate technician can check the gate, the operator, and locate the real problem.
The case study: One day we received a telephone call from a warehouse owner in NYC, telling us that they need a technician to check their rolling gate. When we got there, we were told that another contractor installed for them a new operator couple weeks ago, but the gate keep getting stuck. And that they decided to check with a different contractor. When the gate expert of J&C Garage Doors Gates checked the gate, he discovered that the problem is not really the operator, but that the spring is very weak. It is possible that there was no need to replace the operator in the first place.
Conclusion: Not every problem that seem like operator problem mean that you need to replace the operator. Often, the problem come from a totally different source, and a qualified service provider should be able to determine that.

Gate repair

Case study: Off tracks rolling gate

A commercial rolling gate that come out of the tracks is not rare, and it is one of the most common problems. And it is what makes it even more dangerous than other gate issues. There are many possibilities why a rolling gate went out of the tracks, and the ways to fix off tracks gate in Westchester County are many. The most important thing is to make sure that the gate will not be used until a rolling gate expert in Westchester County will come and fix the gate.
The case study: We once got a call for off tracks commercial roll down gate in New Rochelle. When we arrived, we saw a gate that came off tracks since somebody forgot something bellow the gate. We estimated the repair for around $350. And when they refused we have left.
They tried to repair the rolling gate by DIY without using the proper tools or knowledge, and they ended with a gate that broke in a way that couldn’t be solved without completely replace the gate, the spring and the operator! Instead of paying $350, not the price will be couple thousands of dollars. Of course that after they failed we came and installed a new gate for them. They were lucky that at least the motor survived.
Conclusion: What might seem easy to solve to you, can be much more complicated than it appear to be. And when the roll down gate is off tracks, and to you it seem like all you need to do is to push it back, can end with serious damage if you choose to try and do it yourself. When the gate is off tracks, hire a local expert to do the repair for you. It will save you money, and at the end the gate will work again and will be safe for use. We wrote it for the rolling gates in Westchester County, but it goes for any commercial door or gate: It can be garage door repair in Greenwich, or commercial overhead door in Monroe County NY, always be careful, and hire experts to do the repair.

Gate spring Westchester County

Case study: New rolling gate installation

Just like not every vehicle will be the right vehicle, so is the rolling gates in Westchester. If you own a moving contractor, it will be ridiculous if you will purchase a minivan instead of a truck. SO is the gate. If you need a gate for a parking garage, which service many cars every day, it will be ridiculous if you will install a gate that meant to be installed at a storefront. Just the amount of times a day the gate will be used is enough to know that the gate will break soon.
The case study: We once provided a quote for a new rolling door installment in Yonkers. We quoted the job for $3200 +Tax. Another contractor quoted the job for $1700. We explained to the customer that it cannot be the same roll down door, but he insisted that he has a better proposal. We wished the customer a lot of luck, and left.
The problem was that the gate the other contractor offered wasn’t enough for where it was installed. A gate which is being used more than 50 times a day require heavy duty motor, and the gate itself is built in a specific way, including torsion spring. At the end the gate got busted over and over, until they called J&C Garage Doors to come and repair install the right gate.

Conclusion: A new full trailer can cost like 5 SUV. But what 5 SUV cannot do, that track can.  When you invest in something, the price shouldn’t be the only thing you care about, check what you get in return.. As we explained, the gate which will be the right gate for a parking lot in NYC, will probably not be the right gate for a store which is opened and closed once a day. Consult with a rolling gate specialist to help you make the right decision, and get a rolling gate that will work safely and smoothly for many years, as every gate J&C Garage Doors Gates installed in Westchester County does. Many times in life the cheapest turn to be the most expensive, and the more expensive end as the best investment. And rolling gates and garage doors in Westchester County are no different.

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